i got a friend with a 05 grand cherokee looking to get started i told him i would do some back equipment pricing looking for

head unit model with good volt output ,mp3, some sound processing, maybe usb, something like my doudle din pioneer dvd player i have.

sub mostly 12" for street A or lower probably dual 2 ohm and work in around 2 cu ft

a 1000 to 2000 watts amp at 1 ohm that is linkable and stable to .5 ohm

also equipment must be able to be bought used or new through phone or internet since there is nothing any good available near us.

Could you point me in a good direction i would like to try something different then my normal
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That vehicle will need a special radio replacement interface that will run you probably around 100-130. It's the wiring interface for the canbus data system that runs through the factory radio and amplifier. then a dashkit and antenna adapter. I like the Kenwood Excelon radios, especially the KDC-X693 or 993 if you can find one.
For amps, try a Hifonics Brutus BXi1610d or 2010d. Or MBQ 2000.1. Sundown also makes an amp around 1500W.
Subs, DC Lvl-4 and Fi BL seem to be quite popular.
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I'm sure others will jump in but to start things off!

HU alpine or pioneer (search for your price range)
subs: DC audio,Hifonics and cactus (great CS)
amps: Soundigital,Hifonics and Cactus (great for comps and daily)
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i know what i could buy but i do not know where is the best place to get the stuff since there is no where local to buy the stuff. we do not even have circuit city anymore how hard would it be to take the power wires for the deck then run speakers wires myself. I would also like the subs to be rebuildable and i do not think hifonics are

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