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If you only accept money orders,then postal money orders is the only way to go!!
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Too loud for tv
Originally posted by LowFreq:
Who mails a money order to buy something.
well thats how i got my kicker, no offense. and sorry about that Neil.
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Originally posted by Ben Gailey:
the only money orders i use are from the post office.

I just received one of those the other day.
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actually, postal money orders are the easiest to forge.

i only accept bank money orders.
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thats just why i like paypal so much.LOL get the money in my account and pull it out from the atm with my paypal card
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Originally posted by Neill Barber:
Money orders are safer than PAYPAL and I suually recommed them.

He has not provided the check number, name of issuer ortheir contact info.

my money order for finals never made it to wayne.
I paid 400 dollars for one class entry as a result and someone that took it out of the envelope hit it big.

dont have them send anything to your shop if you cant keep track of the mail. just keep ebay seperate is what i would do.
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