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I do Hair tricks with one door, two doors open,
even with all doors closed also. Playing Music
of course. One girl, two girls, up to 8 girls so far.
Hair starts to move very good (if its not too heavy and long)
at about 3000 Watts.

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Originally posted by Bernie Madoff:
Do you miss it?
yah of course but hey im on to new projects that should have the same outcome. 59.9 was just too much work with keepin he vehicle together.
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Both doors open doing hairtricks FTW. My van moved a pretty good amount of air.
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Found one for you Neill

both doors wide open,and subject in the passenger seat

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Originally posted by dB Don:
Heres some candy, Two doors open two hair tricks 160+dB

That chick in the driver's seat about popped out of her shirt it looked like. Kinda funny, but damn that truck is sick.
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dB Don
If you liked that one here is a hairtrick from the weekend Clay did a 160.5 conservative bassrace.

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Originally posted by Kim:
Have only tried to do hairtrick one time and then I did it with both doors closed and the window down.

If I only can get a nice girl to play with I will try to do it with the door open.
Tried to do hairtrick with one door open and it works, I don
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I know I've been mentioned here earlier but thought I'd post a vid of a hairtrick of mine.

Door all the way open, heaps of air

This is what happens with window up, too much air! The other door was open all the way still...

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