So, back in 92 I had a 4 Phoenix gold amp system with MB Quart seperates, 2 Phoenix Gold crossovers, gel cell & 2 Stillwater solobarics. (Cruisin Music did the install in Hanover NJ) LOVED that system...back havent been able to get THAT sound again =(

Fast forward to August. Found an installer that did the most with the least 8 years ago, so I went back to him with a BIGGER budget. Here is what I have: 2018 Kia Rio (yes, I got the CHEAPEST car I could to make more available for the stereo =D ) High output alternator (Ohio Generator THINK its like 330), 2 Northstar pro batteries. 1 under the hood & 1 in the trunk, Pioneer DNH 1500NEX head, 2 Cadence Ultra Shock 12's, 2 Rockford 8s in the door & I dont know the mids manufacturer yet, Crossfire CS1000.1 for the subs & JL XD700/5v2 for the other speakers. 

I plug my Galaxy S10+ into the USB interface installed by the shop so I can have hands free, text voice & maps as well to play pandora spotify and google music. I have cooked 3 subs (thankfully covered by warranty). After the 2nd cooked sub, he tested all the outputs to see where the trash is coming from. The head unit distorted at 36 to 37 volume, bluetooth at 38, but the line with pandora (the phone) was distorting at like 23 (volume on the phone was past the "warning" that pops up when you max the volume). So, now I know, I leave with the new sub & now restarting my phone before getting in my car EVERY TIME (cause it reset the volume to the default level). Never going over 30 on the head unit, not going crazy with the bass knob (just adjusting for different genres) took a full MONTH to break in the sub this time...& a week before Thanksgiving...BOOM, 3rd one bites the dust!

It was on its way to the shop to add a 12, 8's for the doors, the alt & batteries ANYWAY. This time, he tuned my amps with my phone & we discovered it didnt matter what level we move the volume on the phone for was ALL the same output! So, this is why I am here. His solution is to get an APPLE...NOT my idea of a solution. I wonder is A. any one else have this issue. B wouldnt a digital signal processor clean up the trash? He turned the gains WAY down & now I can hear people talking in the car...even at 35 volume! Don't get me wrong, the work LOOKS GREAT, but the little louder than factory with better clarity. Am I having unrealistic expectations here? Im deep in the pocket on this already & am just not 100% happy with it. There is no list of QUALITY installers that are knowledgeable to get a 2nd I defer to you experts. PLEASE HELP ME! All I want is to be able to ride windows down & NOT hear the streets. =) 
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