Glass City Sounds
is there two different planet audio bb2400.1's mine is 21.75'' long, but i was going to buy another, but it 25.9''long they look the same, why is one longer

happy turkey day
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I just want to know how good that amp. Does it put out the 2400 watts rms??
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Team Sundown's Charles
The birth sheet on the ones we have at the shop said around 2050
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to my knowledge there is only one casing for those amps although the board may have changed some all the ones we have had through the shop are the same and we just got two new ones in the other for power i have clamped about 1400 with rise to 2 and change,in our crx 2of them strapped at 1ohm withrise to 2.6ish with 2 g34 batts made 3800 and change with the pair strapped at .5ohm we get rise to just over 1ohm and it makes about 4200watts they will play music that low for about 10mins or so before thermal shutdown strapped at 1ohm they never shut down decent voltage of course.
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