well, im looking for some subs. im still relativly new to what exactly i will need.

right now i am running two 10 inch bazooka bass tubes (yes, feel free to snicker) but really though, i was pretty happy with them. evryone who heard them was actually very impressed, and suprised with just how loud they really were. these were people with stereos that blew mine out of the water.

either way though, my tubes died on me just the other day ( no idea what happened)(probably fried amp)

but im using this as a time to upgrade...and i really want to upgrade. i want something that slams... i really want to feel the bass.

unfortunatly, i am a college student, and stereotypicallym, broke.

looking around alpine type r's off of amazon seem to be my best bet to get some bass that slams for a relativly low price....

my issue ? which to get lol ...
so, i will post a few links to the ones im thinking of getting...and if you could help me pick one out, thatd be great.

my stereo right now, that is working is
4 polk momos powered by a rockford fosgate
and an alpine headunit

all of these subs come in a 3 peice kit for aorund 300 dollars
including: a sub, a ported box, and a amp.

i like that beacause next week i will be able to afford the kit, and have ( from what the reveiws say) some very good bass.

but like i said i want it to SLAM, so i will eventually purchase another kit.

is that a good plan, or a good way to go about doing things ?

then i will have two seperate subs powered off two seperate amps ?

since i cant afford both rihgt now....

open to any suggestions, trying to keep it as cheap as possible. thanks !!

heres the links for the ones i was considering:

once again, thank you so much for your help !!
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look into some memfis pr equipment good sound for decent prices
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You will find it hard to find better value than the Alpine Type R's and the MRP amps.

Although .. it's real hard to beat the Kicker Comp VR loaded boxes too.

One of my favorite combos we sell and install at our shop is the MRP M500 and the 2-12 Comp VR box. It has a huge vent and it would be hard to build something better than what they send it in.
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