Hello guys i am new there and i want to create an powerfull sound for my car (leon 2010) i want to know who is the best sub? with little search at net i see the
1 - DDZ 15
2 - T3 TSNS
4 - Earthquake HoLeeS
I love the bass!!! the car create for music only but powerfull music
Please help me
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Use more subs (not only one) if you want a good daily driver. More coils, less problems with heat.

My 2 cents for the DDZ 15. 9515h is also a very good option.
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Now i have 2x MTX 9500 but i want more power!!!
The best choise is?
2x DDZ? the price in greece is so high 2800euro for one! :/
the T3 tsns 2000euro
and atomic 1300euro
so expensive the woofers there
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I always look for a sub i can purchase recone parts for my self.that way i dont have to ship and pay someone to recone a 50 pound subwoofer
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Adam Sanders
2x DDZ 15'' Subwoofers that's your best bet.
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