Hello Guys. I have a true s.o.s situation here. One of my beloved Nightshades 15's is coming apart. The screws that secure the basket to the motor are all loose and the motor is just about ready to fall off the basket. The sub is fine as far as the coil goes, but it still has to be reconed. Jacob is trying to get me another sub for the show on Saturday, but may not have one by then. I would like to know if any one has any 15" subs I can borrow just for the show. I prefer dual ones if anybody has any. If not, I could use one dual 2 to go with my other working dual 2. I am trying to qualify for the NSPL World Finals. Any one that can help me on this dilemma, I will buy them lunch.
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Wow I haven't know any of jakes subs to just come apart! Well good luck.
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