Hey everyone

Does anyone still have the drivers for the pcmcia card that comes with

its a PC-CARD-DAS16/16

if so could you please post them.

So much thanks in advance.

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After much searching and investigation I found the drivers at the manufacturer of the hardware in the pcmcia card.
(Measurement Computing Inc.)

What you must do is install the drivers via MCCDAQ CD.
can be found here.

Download and install the program it will add the universal driver directory for all measuring devices they manufacture including DAS16/16.

When you are finished installing, take a reboot and then remove the programs again, the driver of the card will remain in the system.

After this you can install in the usual manner and according to the manual.

Hope this helps those who can not find Termlab CD and drivers.

The drivers for the card is included in instacal, why it didnt install with the termlab software i dont know, but manually it worked pefectly.


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