I need help on a starting point in a Mercedes e320 wagon 1994. Its decent loud so far basically in a golf box, but its obvious it wasn't the best choice. Its a small power system using only 3k and 2 15s. Usable height is only 15", usable width is about 40" and usable depth is like 5 feet. Lol. I really need help on what to try in here. Just bought the car and need it loud asap. Peak is 51hz btw, but once I built my box and tuned about 47, it did actually peak at 47. Strange.
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pix of install? worth 1000 words, orientation of sub and port facings. that much car is probably alot to build pressure in. BUT on the bright side, you may have enough options to come up with facings that work for you. As well as getting stock in Home Depot for buying all your MDF to build boxes over and over lol.

you have a TL I presume?
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email me with free space and frequency @ microchip188@yahoo.com
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