aaron brown
interested in getting these amps has anyone had any experience with these....

they are linkable ?

do they put out true 2600 watts ?
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i used to run them. if you compete i would jump up to the crunch 3000d's otherwise these do fine. they do put power out on the proper electrical system.
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I have 4 of them, not fully functional yet but I have tested them and like Psturmer said they will do 2600 on good electrical. Very good amp for the money but I would have gone GP if they had them at the time I bought mine but they were changing over to new GP's so I just went ahead nad bought them anyway but I'm happy.
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aaron brown
ya that was the other amp i was interested in thanks for ur input
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Return of Jason Gold
i have ran several Hifonics amplifiers and have had no complaints about any of them. i haven't used that particular model, but i have faith in it.

models used:
(2)Centurion X (320x1)
Taurus X (50x4)
GEN XX Brutus BX1000D (1000x1)
GEN XX Brutus BX1500D (1500x1)
GEN XX Zues ZX6400 (85x4)
(2)GEN XXV Colossus 3200D (3200x1)

Wish i woulda kept all of 'em. Still have the last 4 though.
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