I had a few questions for hosting 1x shows. I have heard that I can do this if I have a Termlab Magnum. Is this correct?

I see where I can purchase the show fee on Termlab, is this all I need to do along with sending in the results of course? 

Also, can I compete at my own show?

Thanks for your input.

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Yes Yes Yes & yes.
You also need the promotion pack and a db drag banner from what I read, I have put on 1x shows and this is all I did. For db drag you need 2 mics and 2 clamps, for psyclone rta meter is needed or rta mic. I suggest using a simi beefy computer it will save you frustration if you want multi screens make sure you are able to run them. As far as you at your shows you can be in competition if you plan to go to finals 50% or point has to be at other then your shows
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