I'm kind of a hillbilly now. I've traded in my pink shirts for muddy jeans. My vette turned into a camaro. 2 cars turned into 5 (and yes, some don't work). I've traded, temporarily, loud cars for jeeps and go karts.

All of a sudden I have a real job, 2 kids, and a wife. A lot has changed in the last 10+ years, crazyness.
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Doesn't sound like much has changed! Except that you're not swole anymore, according to your students! Hahaha
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ha NICE, I've traded stereo's for 4 wheelers and guns myself.

I recently *last couple of months* decided I did want decent sound again so have been back on the forums to check things out but do most of my shopping on amazon since they do free shipping to HI and I don't need anything huge lol.

good to see familiar people I did notice the change in the forum, how no one seems to be around, and how not alot of the guys who've been here for 10 years aren't around much on any of the forums or anything. Life does change!

I have 3 kids and still have my wife as well LOL, a house, a big ass dog and lots more bills to go around.

to Alex, I lost weight too, I wasn't necessarily swole, but compared to what I am now I was lol. it happens as does sh!t and life lol
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