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We've been doing great with MWSPL to get the new guys in and competetive......
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Aaron Bryant
i agree with ben jamin to get people to come back we need to go a little bit out of our way to make them feel welcome and to help them learn cuz lets face it its not fun going to a show and then thiers only 1 other person in your class my first show i went to i did horriable and 2 of the guys thier helped me out and i gained 5 db just from tuning and moving the box around they was great guys and ill never forget them for helping me with that and now i have alot of good friends cuz of db drag its all about making friends and having a good time even it that invloves letting the noob win just so he sticks around
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Originally posted by Jeremy Weber:
My area is growing every year, try harder.....
You offer what competitors wants, that's why. We either change or the "sport" will die.
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