If a newbie comes along, with a single 12inch sub in their trunk, running off less than 2000watts, with a single battery, what class should they be put in?

Street Stock?
Street Trunk?
Street A?
Super Street NW?
Street Max?

Sure, you could ask them, but it means nothing to them about classes, because they're only new...

So, what are you supposed to do?

You might put them in Street Trunk, and have them beaten badly... Whereas in Street Stock, they may have won...

so, what are you supposed to do?
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Im sure a judge that is willing to help out a new competitor would place them in a class that would give them the best chance to do well. With that equipment Street Stock, Street Trunk, or maybe even Street A could possibly work.

I have seen many times in my region done. Not sure why a judge would place a new competitor in a class with a vetran if another class is open that a newbie could be in with out getting smashed. Seems like common sense to me lol.. Would you not put them in a class to succeed?
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The way we run competitions here, people get the entire day to qualify, before the finals sometime mid afternoon.

So a newbie could set a score in Street A, then an hour later have a veteran come along and enter the same class.

So although its a great idea to put newbies in classes where they have a chance to win, its not overly practical.
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I would put them in the lowest class possible and explain to them what class they are going in, why they are put in that class, and also what equipment they can run that way maybe next time they will be ready. Or maybe ask them if they would like to try bassracing.

At least I wish that's what they would have done for me. Instead I just felt stupid. Guess that was kinda my fault though for not lookin into what I was doing. Either way I still got hooked into the sport BUT I've been a basshead for 13 years now sooo
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