i have 2 sets of 6.5s and 5 pairs of 6x9s 3000watts for them it ih a honda crv 2-18rexxxs with the subs on all i ken get for the rta score is a 48. with the subs off the score is a 62 have a 2x31 phinx gold eq and a phinx gold 3 way crosver
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sorry for the spelling
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The Repo Man
Rta is looking for a flat response (no peaks). Which in my experience is not always the best sounding to the ear.
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dB Don
ya as close to a flat response as possible. But the procedure is like this.

-The mic gain should be set so that the pink noise is loud but not too loud the gain should remain the same for all competitors and tests if your tweeking the EQ. Set it so ambience noise has minimal effect on the interior sound(approx 120db-125db) playing the system to quiet will allow ambient noise to affect readings falsely.

-If the computer mic gain setting is set to high so that it only takes minimal pink noise spl to register in the red then you get false high readings.

-Never change the mic gain after initially set or you will have to re-test as each time you move the mic gain you affect future readings.

-All the RTA readings should be done one after another and testing should yield consistant results.

Do not touch the volume during the metering process unless there is a clear system problem in which case the run will need a restart. If you touch the volume the results will be false.

If possible, set it up with the 5 min pink noise track and exit the vehicle, When you close the door you can then begin the metering process.

I will see if Wayne can add a setting that lets you see the real time average without always restarting the timer but until then just keep retesting in rta mode and adjusting to better the score.
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