I just recently purchased a car that has/had 4 Memphis 12s in a ported box, I opted to remove the box for recarpeting and due to the weight decided to remove a couple of subs first to remove some of the weight, when doing so I noticed that of the 4 subs two are SVC's and two are DVC's the box is separated into sides 1 of each on this side and one of each on the other, this setup was originally powered by a kicker 1200.1 but Im doing away with that in favor of my Fosgate 2000.1 but I have a question as to how to wire this setup back up, here are the specs for the subs

memphis m3124

12" M3 single 4 Ohm Series
Power Handling:
Peak: 600 watts
RMS: 300 watt
Sensitivity 92.1 dB

Memphis m3122D

12" M3 Dual 2 Ohm Series Subwoofer
Power Handling:
Peak: 800 watts
RMS: 400 watts
Impedance: Dual 2 ohm
Dual 2 ohm voice coils
Sensitivity: 90 dB
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Hi there, its quite simple, if u can provide me with an email address i can send u a diagram of the wiring in steps, meanwhile i will try get it on termpro for you.
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