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HI there.
A friend of mine wants to buy the new
Toyota Auris HSD Hybrid Car.
Its on the same technology like the Prius 3rd Generation...

He wants to install a Car audio system on a 12 volt system.

Someone get some expirience with this?
How can he use a extra battery for his amplifier?
How the batt can recharged?
Questions over questions... Please let me know if you knows something about this or other ppl..

Thank you


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Convince him to buy a marbella!

Long time no see mike!
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SPL Creator
I've been curious about the same thing. I saw that some of those hybrid cars run at 36 volts, some at 48 volts.
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I thought most of them had a 12V battery, and a 36V battery. and those are run in series for some parts of the vehicle, but isolated so the 12v portion can run some parts of the car, such as the radio.
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Mike Fallon
Only problem that I see is the dc-dc convertor that charges the 12v battery
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