I have an 02 Ram Quad cab and I have some stereo gear that I would like to stuff in it somehow. I don't need competition sound but would like to make the best of what I have. I have two Fosgate Punch 400sx amps and one 5 Channel Kicker amp. For speakers I have the Exact 6.5 components by Soundstream as well as a set of 5 1/4 Alpine components. I have a set of 10" Fosgate punch subs as well as a set of MTX 10's and a 12 Polk audio sub (no room) I also have an Alpine active crossover. HU is a Premier 840MP. Normally the truck has 6x9's in the front doors and 5 1/4 in the quad doors. I was thinking the 6.5's up front and 5 1/4's in the back with another set of tweets. I thought of hooking the active xo to the rear set and running them from 2 channels of one of the Fosgate's. I was going to run the fronts with the passive xo provided with the Soundstreams through the other 2 channels and use the second Fosgate to run two 10" subs. I am not sure I have room for the Kicker. I also am not sure if it is necessary to power the tweeters separately. I have never hooked up anything quite this complicated before so that is why I am wondering if I am thinking this through properly. I should mention there is room for two sets of 5 1/4's in the rear doors. [Big Grin]
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Sounds like you have a plan. I'm not a SQ guy but I can help you out a little. I would put the Soundstream's in the front door on a baffle. You could run the Alpine's in the back doors. I would run the Fosgate's over the Mtx's. Too me Fosgate sounds better. What kind of Kicker amp is that DX, impulse or ZX? I would run the Kicker amp and forget about the alpine crossover & 2 Fosgate amps for simplicity of wiring. You don't have power the tweeters separately because your running components front & back. Can you mount the Kicker amp under the back seat? How about if you put some washer's under the seat to raise it up a little. I did that in my S-10 about 10 years ago to fit my amps under there.
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