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Team Prodigy James
Originally posted by Gary F.:
And a unified World Finals in Nashville Tn would be awesome!!!!
Pretty sure the main location wouldn't be in Nashville considering DBDrag and IASCA have already have SBN as their World finals location.

Yeah it would be nice to have it that close but don't count on it. MECA would have to bend and give a little. (like moving finals to spring instead of fall)

But with DBTV, and all these org's using termlab, multiple locations could be ran at once. so maybe Nashville would end up being one of the locations.

Who knows, it's all speculation right now but it's great to see that there is major change on the way. We should all be unified because we all share one common love and that's being loud. =)
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in all fairnesss to the competitors there needs to be a east location and a west location , theres more then enough competitors in canada , california , idaho , nevada , arizonia , iowa , montana etc for a western location , this wil give theese states incentave to work hard to get shows going and give the competitors somthing to shoot for , like don said hes already working with iasca and db drag to host multiple shows out here in the west , also with multiple locations your going to seee huge turnouts of iasca sq competitors as well as db drag and idbl , and all the other formats so larger turnouts forsure
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Team Prodigy Mike
I just added another iasca event!!! On May 21, 2011. Clayton Entertainment in New Castle Pa.
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