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bass boxing FTW
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jone hone ftw
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Please read this post from Moe. This can happen if you people really want it to.

Moe Sabourin Luke, John, Leo, Denise and Will, and all competitors reading this post

A decision on whether the event will become a reality will come down to how many competitors state that they will commit to competing at the event. When we have a minimum of 20 competitors committing to competing at the event, we'll begin making the arrangements to co-host a Bass Boxing/IdBL Finals along with dBDRA at the satellite locations.

We'll need to have those commitments by no later than December 31st if it's going to happen.

The more competitors that are willing to commit will ultimately determine the entry fee... the more competitors, the lower the fee. So if you want to compete and are willing to say that "Yes, if there is a show, I will compete at it", we will have a show. Remember, we're doing this for all of you!

As far as not having enough points to qualify, not a concern based on the 2011 rules as they are now... if there haven't been enough events in a given area, competitors can still qualify through the points "sliding scale"; if there were no shows at all, a competitor need only be an IASCA Competitor Member in order to qualify for Finals.

HOWEVER, the points structure will change for 2012, so this will certainly be the last opportunity to compete at Finals without having to earn minimum points.

As far as the discussion between a Finals event and a 3X, here's how IASCA views it; the only difference between a 3X and a Finals event is that at a 3X, you're competing locally, at Finals, you're competing nationally.

Both ways, competitors get the chance to see how IASCA competition works and get to try it out. So in essence we'd give everyone the opportunity to compete at a Finals event and gain recognition for their efforts in building a badass system!

I know there are enough Northeastern and East Coast Canadian competitors out there, already qualified, to make this happen. There's also certainly enough Northwest and West Coast Canadian competitors as well.We just need to know that if we make the commitment to the show, that you'll make the commitment to compete in it!

I've said it before (maybe not in this thread, but in another), IASCA has invested in hosting a major event twice this year, because competitors said they wanted a show in the area; but when we did, nobody competed... we can't afford to do that anymore... we lost thousands of dollars on those two events and it set us back.

We don't want to get rich off these shows... we'd be happy if we just break even! We just can't lose money again... so this is all about you guys! We want to give you a great show, we just need to know that you'll compete in it when we do have the show!

So all the teams in the West and Northeast, including Canadian competitors, if you want to see IASCA at the show, let us know you'll support it and we'll give you a show!
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Im in for IDBL. I do not do Facebook though so if someone wants to put my vote in for it then that would be great. Mmmmmmkay?
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get your memberships and show your support. i did.
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