From denise varmatos head judge.

Here you go people your IASCA schedule for Indianapolis IN location

IF you have questions please post below DO NOT START A NEW THREAD PLEASE We want to keep all Indy topics under this thread thank you.

***Friday*** Competitor roll in Classifications 5-9pm

***Saturday (3x & INAC runs)*** 9am -12:30pm Classifications Quiet times in arena SQ judging 1pm-4pm 3X Bass Boxing qualifying ONLY runs 4-8pm 3X IDBL runs ONLY (30 minute break for dinner around 6pm) 3x BB final rounds 8:30 until whenever 3X BB final rounds are over

***Sunday (INAC only)*** 8am-10am Classifications once again SQ judging in arena quiet zone 10am-12:30pm INAC Bass Boxing ONLY qualifying rounds 1pm-3:30pm INAC IDBL ONLY runs 3:30pm-5pm INAC BB final rounds 6pm awards

*There will be a 3x event in Indianapolis BUT for POINTS ONLY it will NOT be a world record event. ANYONE can enter the 3x IASCA event. The 3x event will take place SATURDAY ONLY.

*These events will run simultaneously Saturday. Meaning INAC competitors can run Saturday as well BUT 3x competitors MUST DO RUNS SATURDAY .

*For these events you will get 2 runs of IDBL and 2 runs Bass Boxing qualifying. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE ALL YOUR RUNS. For those doing INAC you can run once and we can use that score in each format for both events IF you are doing both events. For competitors doing the 3x ONLY you do NOT have to take all your runs either you can just run once for each format IF that is what you choose to do. BUT this is what you have available and may run IN THE TIME ALLOWED. 3x competeitors MUST do their runs Saturday the 3x event will not be going on Sunday. Sunday is INAC ONLY. Although INAC competitors may run INAC or 3x BOTH days along with can use the same score for both events, as stated above.

*ALL VEHICLES MUST BE CLASSED BEFORE ENTERING THE LANES. This means you MUST have your vehicles there to be classed during the classing times allowed and shown in the schedule.

*For INAC IDBL If you break a world record you will be asked to stay where you are and vehicle inspected you will have 10minutes then you must back up your score.

*For the 3x Bass Boxing Finals Saturday night We know other Organizations will be doing elimination rounds etc for their 3x events as well. That is why we have left it open time. Meaning we will see what classes they are starting with and going from there. I will announce the top 2 in each class as early as it is known after the Bass Boxing qualifying's are over and throughout the time we have left ALONG with I will have you write your #'s where I can reach you on your sheets just in case. I will if needed contact you while running IDBL to let you know your in the top two. Keep in mind the standings will be posted and running throughout the day and please remember to listen to announcements being made over the mic.

**INAC Bass boxing We will start at 3:30pm SHARP with Flyweight class the other classes will follow. Competitors will have 2-3mins in between rounds. We will be going back and forth. IF it happens that a competitor in the top 2 of a class is at another location for the final rounds we will do the 3 runs while giving you 3 minutes in between rounds while in contact with the other locations which they will be doing the same exact thing with their competitor.

**Take note below** I will be cutting the lines 30minutes prior to the time stated above. IF you are not in line you will not run. If you are not classed before getting in line you will not run. If you have a breakdown in line or technical issues you must let one of the IASCA people know IMMEDIATELY. Your Judges for Indy location will be Me Head judge , John Hone & Scott Snyder as my worker bees and we might have a helper or 2 but these are your judges and if there are issues or ANYTHING you must bring it to their or my attention ASAP
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