these vids are terrible. if ure not into watching very bad speaker vids, then do not watch these please. it was just something to do. my camera is terrible ( operator error, thanks Raven ) it is NOT loud like this camera makes it seem... but considering it is an IB3 18 in a box off a $40 walmart surround sound in a box receiver, it's amazing. the sound is distorted and loud so turn your volume down! This one was supposed to show the drastic difference when I get into Listening Position #1 and 2 vs the center of the room...didn't work out that way, camera just distorts it all
at 2:08 you can see the Walmart recveiver LOL then right after Bass I Love You actually gets the cone moving a bit, otherwise peak excursion is around 1/2" to 3/4". At 4:20 notice the volume go up in listening position #2. The point is I get massive room gain, so if I get an EP2500 or EP4000 I will be set!
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Cool. You should get like 5 more and have a super awesome IB setup.
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