im putting together a front stage for my truck its an 07 f150 cc.to replace the jl audio xr components and jbl amps that are in it now. i have a pioneer avh p6800 dvd with a pioneer deq-p8000 processor.
my problem is the deq-p8000 hasnt any real crossover built in to do a 3 way setup and i was looking for something to run behind it since it has the time alignment and speaker distance features. i was thinking about using the audio control dqx crossover http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_13554_AudioControl+DQX.html
but was thinking there maybe something better for around the same price or a little cheaper. my amps are going to be 3 cadence xa 175.4 running bridged http://www.powermaxelectronics.com/products/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=225&idcategory=10

and the speakers are going to be morel

so what are my other options for crossovers in this price range. and i havent started ordering anything yet so i dont have anything set in stone except for the pioneer products i already own.
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check out http://www.linearpower.com and call Ray and see if he can hook you up ... best eqs and xovers ever built ... he might can help you out with amp and speaker choices too ... he is the best there is in the 12 volt world ... tell him Randal sent you ...
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