I have a 2004 Lexus RX330 and i have the factory radio still installed and i have 2 15' kicker CVR's Powered by a Hifonics 1000Watt. My bass level is much weaker then the same setup in my previous vehicle, and im assuming this is due to the output the factory radio has, i have a cheap line out converter bestbuy gave me and i assume that is the problem.

I was wondering if i could replace the line output converter with a better one, or even a powered(passive) one

Or possibly put in a AudioControl Epicenter if that would help.

Thank You for your help
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Aaron Bryant
either put in aftermarket head unit or try to install a line driver between output converter and amp
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Ensure that your speakers were wired properly when they got hooked up. If one is out of phase, that would kill your sound quite quickly. (Switch neg/pos on one sub and see if problem fixes itself.)

Even cheap line out convertors usually have sufficient juice to drive most amplifiers depending on the gain setup. Assuming the polarity works out, I would check amplifier (and line output convertor) gains next.

Assuming the polarity is right AND convertor and amplifier gains are correct, then it might be the line output converter quality.. But only then.

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