Anyone know how to get audio from the factory nav in an 03 G35 into a new deck?
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this is the only info I have...The NOTES at the bottom may give some insight. I assume you'll be using the Bose amp?

+12V DC Battery(Constant) Yellow 37 15 Amp Fuse box at left side of engine compartment
Switched Accessory Light green 6 10 Amp Fuse block behind left side of dash
Power Antenna Green/white (or red/white)
Illumination Red/blue & red/yellow
Factory Alarm Disarm Disarms with unlock wire
Steering Wheel Control Wire Red, green and yellow
VSS Wire White/green
Left Front + White (or blue)
Left Front - Black (or black/white)
Right Front + Green (or brown)
Right Front - Red (or black/red)
Left Rear + Brown (or light green)
Left Rear - Yellow (or black/yellow)
Right Rear + Blue (or orange)
Right Rear - Pink (or black/pink)
At Speakers
Wire Function Colour Notes Fuse # Size Location
Left Front Mid + Blue
Left Front Mid - Black/white
Left Front Tweeter + Blue
Left Front Tweeter - Black/white
Right Front Mid + Brown
Right Front Mid - Black/red
Right Front Tweeter + Brown
Right Front Tweeter - Black/red
Left Rear Mid + Orange If equipped
Left Rear Mid - Black/pink If equipped
Right Rear Mid + Orange If equipped
Right Rear Mid - Black/pink If equipped

For the audio unit, use first set of colours if the system is equipped with mirror defogger, sunroof or navigation system, otherwise use the colours in brackets.
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