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Hi, I have a question and would like someone to help me.

In 2009 I had the loudest vehicle in my country but needed to be confirmed in the final that had to be organzed in December 2009.

For some reason the Finals weren't organised and when I called an organizer about that, he told me that it's going to be held in January 2010 due to some problems.

While waiting for something to happen, the organizers informed the general public on the official website that the competition will be held in May so I dismantled the vehicle for some maintenance so it will be ready by then. I compete in the Extreme 1 class, so you may know how much work is needed in these classes.

Anyway January is almost over and the organizers called us for a meeting and said that the 2009 Finals will be held in February.

Now the problem is that I have dismantled the vehicle for some changes and cannot compete in February. My question is, if someone in February makes a better score than me and I can't be there to defend my title because of the poor professionality of these organizers will it be fair on me and my team ?

Should my vehicle be confirmed as 2009 loudest vehicle and the February event would be the start of 2010 season ?

Thanks for your time to read this.
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finals are in October you should be fine
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