I'm going to get a Kinetik 800 tomorrow and I'm curious of tricks for testing. I'm gonna use my DMM to see what the voltage is sitting at but is there any other tricks to know if the battery is good. I'm not really gonna be at a place where I can test it so I'm looking for things I can do on the spot maybe with my DMM or maybe even my clamp IDK

I WILL NOT HAVE TIME TO TAKE IT TO GET TESTED. Also is coming from a lady who can't even spell Kinetik right so I doubt she knows anything

Says she has a kenetic800 battery for sale LOL
Incase your wondering shes selling for $75 and I'm gonna give her $60 for it. Don't know how old though
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If you have a smart charger you could charge the battery for 24hrs if the before & after voltage doesn't change then the battery is probably bad. My schumacher smart charger has a battery percentage and if it doesn't reach 100% in 24hrs I replace the battery. Since this is a used battery I would definitely test the battery voltage before buying.
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