Well we were seeing a little up tick in the car audio market out here in Cali but if the Jack@sses in D.C. keep having a Pissing contest i am afraid the the this will be game over all the way for car audio, we don't need 2million more people out of work.
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I live in DC ,but the politics down the street don't effect us,lol You always got to find a car stereo hussle when the opportunity is there,, car audio in DC has been dead for few years.The leftover car stereo shops are only open to the idiots that still spend money on them. craigslist and ebay rules,,lol
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Phyllis D. Mead
I thought your talking around here is the end of the world, heheh...
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People still buy car audio?
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Surprisingly yes. I'm 1 of them sort of. I still have the ambition to bring back 1 of my past audio setups in my daily driver truck. It won't be identical but still based on the same plan, should be louder actually.

There's still the occasional street beater roaming around out there. Not as many as there used to be but I hear bass on a regular basis during the summer when the windows are open. There's literally 2 audio shops within 5 minutes of where I live, 1 is a shop that I refuse to go back to as I was treated wrong when I was supposedly on the team.

Anyway, car audio is definitely still selling.

Just yesterday I swapped out a worn out MTX Thunder 251D for a MTX Terminator TNA251D. Basically same amp just 1 is new and not as powerful as the older one......which was expected! LOL

Will car audio ever return to it's former glory, most likely not but we all can hope! Later this summer I'm hoping to make a 6 hour drive south just so I can compete in another SPL comp after a 7 year break from it.
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