If you have questions, feel free to ask here or on Facebook.!/photo.php?fbid=10150847317161708&set=a.10150149188211708.299294.697046707&type=1&theater

dB Drag, dB Cup, Bass Race, AYA Sound Quality. Almost 300 Trophies are there!
Friday EXTRA Uueehh with single Point dB Crag/dB Cup Event (no Bass Race!!!) Entry fee 15 Euro.
Saturday Mammut Uueehh with 3x Event in all 3 formats. Entry Fee 40 Euro flat.

We have to see WHAT eliminations we can do.
Maybe we reduce it to our needs down to 2 or 4 participants.
I dont have permission to extend the event that long into the night anymore.

(I just cannot promise that everybody gets one like in the past )
Also Johnnys BBQ and the famous "Rindswuerscht".

Also there will be a professional team what will film the event to make
a nice dokumentation. They already did a good job on other events.
Look here, they are from

From the ETON "NRW Championship" I hosted and what comes up
also again on September 15 as a triple Point (no entry fees and almost 70 trophies!
But see different thread then)

Looking forward to meet a lot of you again who became such good friends over the years!
MAYBE its really the last one, or at least the last before a break. Its more and more
difficult to get permission for the location, even if there have been no big complaints
in the well over 30 Events I already made there during the years...

So lets make this a nice meeting again where the fun is king!

Uueehh!!! (hate the new forum...doesnt allow the U dots!!!)
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hmpf, forum is messing up the posts...

it doesnt let the special signs through!!!

edit, cannot edit the headline...damn...

there should be standing:

July 27.-28.2012 Oki
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Here also, this is how the trophies will look like (dont nail me on details or sizes or total amount )
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Hi there, you international competitors and visitors of the 2012 Mammut Uueehh!!! Event!
Here are some small guidelines and a rough shedule about the foregoing on friday and saturday regarding
the SPL Formats dB Drag Racing, dB Cup and Bass Race. I just can put that up in english, if somebody
is so kind and translate it into other "needed" languages like french and what not?

I know its a lot of text, but please read carefully and maybe read two or three times.
It took me a while to write that to safe time to explain individually. Hope it works out.

Most of you have been there already, at the biggest smallest event in the world.
So you know the basics already.

-What changes is that I extended the Qualifying possibilities for the 3X Event
to the friday before, where the "Extra Uueehh!!!" is held also.
So we will have two seperate Lanes and Computers where you should
run/qualify as soon as possible to save time.
They are close to each other in case you can/want do all runs at a time.

-The entry fees (Flat for Friday Single Point dB Drag/Cup (no Bass Race) is 15 Euro.
Trophies for 1st places.
The triple Point Event will be 40 for everything. dB Drag,Cup Bass Race. No choice.
You dont have to run formats you dont want of course, but the fee stays.
Trophies HOPEFULLY for everybody. Or at least something into your hands (Energy drinks).

You pay AT the lane and you go to the 3x lanes AFTER beeing pre judged.

-Times are from about 3-4 PM Friday til 9PM Friday evening.
Permission is til 9 PM. So if you havent been through,
you may not be able anymore.

-People who qualify for Bass Race on Friday, have a second Chance on Saturday
if they screw up. But for the other formats you have basically just one try.
If there is something really wrong, we may give you another chance.

-We have some Judges going around on friday. There is no real sequential order.
If youre pre judged, you may roll in on friday or just do the Single Point first
until you are judged.

Hopefully that saves a lot of time and stress.
Some people may start at the AYA Sound Quality format and have an easier
life then on saturday

As said, permission is friday til 9pm and saturday til 10pm.
Sure there are tolerances but we dont calculate them in now.

-Another "bad" thing is always the "noise pollution".
As everybody knows I also love to demo my cars, but it became more and more
worse in the last years. No real complaints at my event, but always something pending
and I have to fight with the ordinances year after year, what annoys me also.
But I cannot change it (besides not doing this event anymore) and apologize
already that there is no general permission to demo cars with open doors.
Of courseyou can do with sealed cars and during the measurements and maybe
even tests in your parking spot. I feel free to "banish" everybody from the event
after 2 warnings (yellow and red cards or something else).
As said I HATE it but there are about 9 new living houses close to the event
and if these people complain, event will be shut down.

-Grilling/BBQ is not allowed at any place. Just on friday evenening I gave
again a small group of people (hi Stany) the permission to do so, like last year.
But we have lots of food around.

-Alcohol: Well, nothing is sold or distributed through me, as always.
If you bring your own, keep it in small volumes.
And: BEHAVE! If somebody makes trouble under influence of Alcohol,
he is out. I have absolutely nothing against some beers enjoyed with some friends.
This is NOT just limited to the lanes! Its for the whole event location.

-And please take your own trash (from brought goods) home please.
Anyways, avoid trash as much as possible.
I have some containers placed, but not every 5 meters...

All that guides of course to the upcoming end of my little event,
this time the 10. anniversary (plus about 30 more smaller, not real small, events in the past)

Please help that it will be a nice and memorable event for all of us.

If there are some questions what cant wait, please send me a mail (link is in my profil) or ask here.

All arrangements are, of course, subject to change if needed.

Hope you have a good trip and as much as possible fun.
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This is going to be awesome !!!!
Im sad to miss it...
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we will miss you too george! and soon we all will miss this event

yesterday we had almost 40 gedree here when setting first stuff up.

rest of the setup pics here:

today we will have the first day of "chillin into the event"
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Hi there, since I posted it on Facebook and in the SMD Forum...

Event is over and was a success and a ton of fun as always.

...I wish I would have known these guy(s) from
back in 2009 when I had REAL HUGE Trophies and well over 500 participants
at my event, but finally it happened that I let somebody do a professional
video/editing/composing about my maybe last big summer event in my hometown.

We had almost 300 participations in SQ and SPL.
Around 1500 people where there in these 2 days
and we had lots of fun.

This video (and all the pics and reports from the past) will keep
this event in my memories. Thanks to all visitors, competitors, helpers
supporters and sponsors for tha past years. I am not done with organizing
shows of course, but it has to be reduced in my hometown and for my own sake.


Pictures are here by the way:

PS.: I may cut a longer video from the raw footage when I find time and possibility.
It may is not that

Thanks again to:
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