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I would not interupt someone when they are in the lanes that is just plain rude. I ask most of my questions before qualifyiung or when some people are waiting for their bracket to come up. The two people who have been the most helpful and have answered most of my questions are Vernon Sargent and Mike Fallon. They both have been really helpful and answered a lot of my questions. And besides they are both great competitors. It is from them being so nice that I am going to compete next year seriously.
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I would answer any questions you ask me. I love helping other competitors.
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Cactus Sounds
Originally posted by TRENDSETTER:
Scottie just gave my answer!!!
so let me explain it in detail!!
like he said if someone is serious about competing that person {a seasoned competitor} has spent alot of time and money to prepare for the run they are about to do in the lanes the last thing we hear or see are other people that are not our teamates, the people that run up and start introducing themselves and asking questions while one is in the lanes is puting THEMSELVES into that position of being ignored or shuned!!
Believe me when I say most guy's will answer your questions when they are in thier pitstall not in the lanes!!!
Most of us are good sports, not sour grapes!
That says it all.... Same here... Anyone can ask me any thing about my car or there car. But pleace do not come just before a run. Cos I am mostly so focused on my run that I dont even see or hear any thing or anyone around me.
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Queen Tara
Most competitors, seasoned or new, follow the philosophy of "You give respect, you get respect".

Is the way you're trying to find out information, look at systems, etc. a way in which you would want to be asked about your own? If the answer is no, that may be a sign that you should do it in a different manner.

I also agree with what Danny (Trendsetter) and others have said in that if you are asking while in the lanes, or maybe even while the competitor is trying to correct a problem, that is not the best time to ask.

There are times and places that sometimes are not as friendly as others and people aren't as open - but don't let one event discourage you. Go to another and see what kind of a response you get. Come to Missouri and I guarantee you'll find at least a few seasoned competitors that would be willing to show you just about anything (they don't call us the Show Me State for nothing!)
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I knew I was doing something wrong

Naw what everyone has said above pretty much is the majority way/opinion here.

Of course nobody asks me anything anymore, so I don't have to worry.....I need to get loud
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Cactus Sounds
Your time will come Igge.
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