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Sean Sturts
Sadly I have to agree... About 10 years ago it was fun but it started getting too complicated... I'm trying to get back in the game now but it doesn't seem the same... Even the forums are near dead now..

Hopefully the sport will make a comeback.. I'm tired of these kids and their store bought systems
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Good to hear from you. I hear what your saying.Back in the day it was real exciting people like you whom had this great enthuasim. Man out of all my fond memories was you bringing in those rental cars and builing them up in a couple of days and also whopping some ass!! I miss those times! I still stay involved in the sport to some extent helping wayne produce the competition cd,s and attend some events.
When I first got into car audio competition this is back in the "Thunder on Wheels" days it was a hobby that eventually led becoming a living. the death blow came to car audio in the mid 90,s with the noise ordinance laws ground zero was Chicago,almost over night sales with all companies started taking a hit. I was a firm believer that I maintain communication with my competitor manufactures and they all concured that it was not going to be a good thing for the industry, that is why you started to see the pullout of major manufacturers they where losing money and going out of business.
I firmly believe that this sport needs to tie in with something that draws crowds. even though they might not be into car audio per say it exposes them to it. My hobbies now include offshore power boat racing nothing like the sound of 3-8.0 litre supercharged sprayed engines hitting their note, people are wowed!! now I see fellow competitors including myself putting more powerful sound sysyems in thier boats, you spend alot of time idiling so everybody wants to bump! I am not saying everybody should get into this sport becase the cost of fuel can exceed what many of these spl cars are worth in a weekend,but the crowds there love the sound. At present I have jumped into the airboat scene with a partial ownership of the manufacturer,same thing they like it loud!! They also want stereos they can hear. just some food for thought.

Your old friend,
Sean J. Holland
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Todd Zier
Have some other Car Audio Topics going on would like to have more input
Trying to have a forum with more Car Audio Industry Professionals and all level of enthusiasts communicating openly in one forum
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Yeh should'nt be no big deal which equipment or vehicle you use to qualify, at the end of the day its all about fun and trophies, where I compete the guys borrow amps, subs even batteries and no big deal, its all about fun.
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