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Boomin Audio Competitions - Andy
Boom, boom
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Depends on the load you wire the subs at and whether it's in a box too. We had a dual 2 ohm Stroker (old school) at the shop back in the day we couldn't blow up running free air at 4 ohms. Took it to 1 ohm and it lasted 20 seconds.
A lot of subs will last a long time wired at a high impedance and placed in some sort of an enclosure.
WAY back in the day if we had a defective sub that still played we'd take an old school Orion XTR or NT sub, tape it up real good in the cardboard box, run a wire outside, blow it up right in the box, pull the wire out of the box, tape up the hole the speaker wire made and ship it off to get replaced under warranty. Imagine their suprise when the tech opened the box and smoke came out!
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