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conner in ur finish pass you want a high spindle speed and slow feed rate it will leave you with a nice finish and you wont burn up the insert taking off .015. you have to use the right insert for the material. that is all based of the degree of the tip of the insert. i do this 40hrs a week...

the problem with the pbx xtreams is the gap is realllly tight. what you have to to is pop the top plate throw it in a lathe and use a boring bar and take .050 out.

to pop the top plate. pour laqure in the 6 screw holes let sit, do this a couple times over a 3-4hr time frame. then get long 6mm bolts and keep tighting evenly and the top plate will come unglued.
when putting back together make some shims for the new gap. put the bolts all the way threw the top plate 2" bolts work best. mix up some 1hr setting epoxy. drop the shims in and lower the bold evenly.

be VERY CAREFUL messing with a charged motor esp of that size you could break a finger or smash one really bad...
well u know if you feed the flux capacitor and drive upwards of 88mph that you can travel through time.

this is very true
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Team PSI - David
Thats marvelous! GREAT JOB
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