I used to have some kove subs and amp sounded pretty good . Anybody run kove before
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way back in 03. i had the kove armagedon 15's. they loved the 38 hz that they were tuned to.
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I have ran the armageddon x subs and the U series and still own 2 15" U, not U2 subs.
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I had a few, 15" and 12" armageddons, z, k and zm. The U2s are similar to treo SSXs nice subs. over priced though imo. I got mine for good deals used I bought one new back in like 01/02 at a local shop. I just didn't think they were worth the cost at retail. parts express did a buyout a while back for Z series armageddons with black dustcaps maybe reconed but they were still good and much more affordable at under $170 for the 15" z series.

they are decent, sound good, can get loud. dunno what you were looking to hear feedback wise on them? I believe they were TC built back in their original days.
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always wanted some of these, never got around to owning any though
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