Does anyone here use a line driver.
I was thinking about picking up a 8-volt line driver for my new amp (my cd player is a weak 2.5volts i think).
What all does it do though?
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mike hatt
all a line driver is there for is boosting the voltage going into the amp so you can use less gain thereby lowering the noise level induced by gaining to high. I use a audio control matrix in a few installs, works well but most customers don't see the point.
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i use a cia engineering line driver. awesome piece I must say!!!
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I would pick up a Phoenix Gold tld-22 line driver about the best $40 I've invested in my stereo!
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sub amp, or mids/highs?
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I would suggest the audiocontrol matrix piece its what i use and i really noticed a different in my highs and a little difference in my subs but it makes your system sound very clean as long as you use it right
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Andy Jones
if you have your gains set appropriately and you don't have noise, I wouldn't bother (unless you are running a huge number of amps)
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