I just pieced together my the final pieces of the system I'm going to put in my 350z, and I'm now looking for the last piece, which is a nice 10" subwoofer for mostly SQ.

Right now I have an old Alpine type R - swr-1041d that I can use, but I've heard they aren't that great for sq, and i'm not concerned out total output because the 350z is basically a hatchback and a single 10" should get pretty loud since its a small cabin.

So basically I'm looking for a woofer in the ~$100 range that is better than my old type R, and that can handle ~500watts into a 4 ohm load. The box I have is .85cf total before displacement. I"m looking for very deep clean bass.
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nickword 1
you can get a jl audio w6 or w7 10 inch. id personally go with a w6 i heard both and i like how tight the bass is on the w6 then the w7 but the w7 can produce more spl...

other good 8 inch woofer to try are the sundown audio sa 10s im sure sundown has great quality and there subs are known to give some high spl. i never heard a sundown sub before tho but im sure that would also be a good choice.
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