Cecilio Kentish Jr.
Any shop available for a custom build for a few of my company vehicles? I need power set up and radios installed.
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I'm sure "Audio X" could get you taken care of. I believe they are in Florence, so it might be an hour away.
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I hope you find an installer and he turns out to be a mobile stalker on craigslist. Then you go to the "company" he invites you to visit. When you get there you notice a strange smell of sulphur, vaseline, and burnt plastic. You think no big deal, could be burnt voice coils. As you come in you notice the room is strangely dim. You shrug it off to going green. You slowly enter the building to meet a nice gentleman in the front. He welcomes you to his store. As you get closer something seems strange about his smile. You don't know what it is, something doesn't feel right. You continue the general conversation that seems to be developing. You consider relaxing a bit. As you talk you notice he's coming around the desk to greet you personally. You now feel an ease. You follow him around the store. He shows you a magical land of subwoofers, amplifiers, and all the muahfawkin 0/1 gauge wiring you could dream of. Then, bam. He grabs your belt and jerks your pants down. You try to fight it. You want to fight it. But by the time you mutter the first yelp he's already 2nd knuckle deep in your anus. You don't know what to do. You try to scream but the intense pain of multiple fingers in your mud honey factory. You manage to shake him away but he grabs you again. Then you realize it's over. He has the darkest, hugest, purple crayon you've ever seen and it's pointed right at you. You manage a quick fight but it's no luck. He slams you to the ground face first in polyfil and rams his giant black anaconda into your hershey tunnel............
I'd google it.
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