I am currently looking for a 2 way 6x9 speaker that will out preform the PIONEER TSD-690R or TSD-691R or the TS D6902R they speakers are being pushed by a Alpine pdx 4.150 . The application is for complete bass.
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i know ur said its for complete bass, but there are allot of good speakers out there , i jus love the image dynamics xs components, they have a 6x9 xs component they handle 125rms and they loud as ever clear as ever, they bass is great however theres prob better if bass is ur main concern.. image dynamics jus went out of bussiness i guess tho, so that would be the 1 downfall i guess, but fk it im still buying their stuff!its about 500$ tho

i also herd something about kicker makes a 6x9 sub woofer , so if u only want bass then that would be the best i guess..
hope that helps
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Tang Band makes a 6x9" true subwoofer. Check
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