Hey guys, I just bought an 06 Ford Five Hundred, trying to find some pics of cool installs out of the trunk.

Doesn't have to be SPL oriented, just some cool clean installs
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Team Psycho Broken
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Andy Jones
Cook's TL

My car (very simple):

Behind Back Seat:

Robert Petty's install:

Mine and Robert's car still has the spare tire and it can be accessed quickly.

Ben Vollomer's Audi (amp rack is all welded aluminum):

Those are what I would consider clean and daily useable. We all have covers that go over the system and you can throw what you want in the trunk then.
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Boogie Woogie
very clean installs, cooks still amazes me, but thats a little from what mr thornton is wanting lol
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Andy Jones
Other end of the spectrum:

anthony davis's old trunk:

Zelano's trunk (built by Joe Amore)

Larry Chijner's cadillac: (that's real zebra wood):

Steve Cornell's Impala SS

Rob Rice's Honda Accord:

Steve Head's civic:

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those are nice.
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