Just found out today one of my buddies back in TN/GA died in a motorcycle wreck. We were far from best friends but always ended up at the same parties. I remember saving his ass from getting busted by the cops for underage drinking in Florida on his senior trip (he was 2 years younger than me) then proceeded to force him (didnt take much) to funnel more beer back at the hotel pool for payment of me keeping him out of trouble.
He was a smartass like myself which is probably the reason we got along so well. One of the few who coudl dish it out as well as take it and keep a smile, maybe more of a smirk.

Not sure if its normal or average or whatever the word is but this is pretty close to 15 people that have passed since we graduated. Some have been REAL close friends others just people I barely remember passing in the hallway.

Anyway RIP Jason Poss, we had good times and you will be missed.

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deaf tones
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wow... 15 people? That's pretty unusual, especially for being so young.

sorry for the loss .... you better keep yourself safe
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Yeah there are like 10 people that I know of from my class that have passed for different reasons.

Sorry for your loss.
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ive lost over 30 so far from my graduating class,

but it does make your drop back and go wow, but sorry to hear that
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Queen Tara
I don't think we've lost too many from my class, knock on wood. Either way, it's unsettling when someone you think so young shouldn't have died so early.

I'm sorry for all of your losses.
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Originally posted by deaf tones:

In all honesty, I don't know how many people have passed from high school. I have been to four funerals of high school classmates, so I would agree that 15 is a bit high. Regardless, it makes me wonder when I hear about people my age or younger that pass.

I can only hope that when my time should come, the people around me can share some good memories.

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We've lost 3 from my graduating class (only about 50 students...), one was a good friend (he died from injuries he got a hit-and-run: the car ran a red light and slammed into his bike).
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