I'm just curious how loud have people gotten their NON-Walled Bassracer vehicles.

I'll Start
- Two AA Mayham 18's, Two Dd M4A's, - 152.6 Sealed up Bassrace. 155.3 Burp.
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George Giordmaina
In Malta 1 x 18 inch SPL Dynamics 153.2 db in bass race in a Panda
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Team Psycho Broken
havent done it officially... but we have been over 157 playing around. may have to give it a real go in carlisle next month

4 american bass 1100.1's
2 15" ddz's (2 dc audio 18's when we did it)
160.5 burp
ssnw legal (old rules)
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Im working on my ford Taurus. Trying to get a 150 from the trunk is not easy.
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Old setup that I had in my Focus ZX3 was 2 Sundown Nightshade 15's, each with it's own Sundown saz3500D. The car peaked at 42ish hertz and did a 153.6 on a 30 second average legal for the Bassrace format. The new setup I have is more cone area, with 4 Sundown sa12's and the same power. I haven't done a full tilt bassrace run, but I'd expect a few tenths louder for sure since it burps a little over a db more than the 15's did. The setup is completely in the hatch, but extends over the window line by a few inches. It was built for the NSPL Car class, where a no wall setup can be 12" from the roof and not under the window line.
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