AT THE CAR TOYS IN NORTHGLENN MARCH 14TH, 10am to 11am is entry.

True SPL (similar to outlaw) = anywhere in front of the B PILLER (Headrest, kick etc...)

1st and 2nd place trophys will be handed out for:
CLASSES = 1 sub
= 2 subs up to 2 12s, or 2 boston spg 13s
= 2 15s up to 2 21s, 3 12s, and 3 15s
= 3 subs +

1st and 2nd place trophys will be handed out for:
BOXWARS (similar to Portwars) = use your existing Box in your Vehicle
OR = build a box specifically for the event, but must be powered
by your own amplifer in your vehicle!

this event will be metered with a termlab,

$30 entry fee the day of the show, must compete in both.

you can pre-register if you'de like, kind of a blind entry, no one knows their competition till that day. and its $5.00 cheaper. and easier to set the event up properly without waiting for people to decide if they want to compete because the other guy has better subs!

you can (pre-register for $25)at 1220 s. sheridan blvd, denver co. 80232 at J&L Shoe repair (my shop) or mail it to me with all your information (car details as well as system you will be running at that show, name etc...)
Or paypal it to me(

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