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Too loud for tv
i could have sworn that amp was only 1500 anyway! @ 2ohms
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the 3000 ive read 26?? at 2ohm.0h well its getting fixed and its not mine but he got it fixed fr=or free
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No comps for me it seems... USPS may have lost my amp in the mail. The tracking number doesn't come back with any delivery information nor where it is. Just says in route for delivery on 11/28/06. And since it's 12/4, and the show is 12/17, I'm not holding my breath that it will be back for it. I'm not sure what class yet. I have a trunk car and 3- JBL W10GTI's so maybe I can get into the 151 - 300 amp class. But since that happened I don't know... Haha might run 2- 10's and bridge the PG. Just for fun... Really that's what this is all about; hanging out with guys that like the same thing that you do and playing with our electronic toys! Any rate I'll definately be at the show! Waaay too much fun!
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I've used the equivalent of the P1500.1 from the factory that makes them... decent amp, didn't like low loads at all. Fairly efficient... takes about 2% THD to make rated power. Can make about 1800 watts at around 30% THD or so @ 1 ohm with 14.4 volts.

Verdict... decent for the money, probably wouldn't use them for dedicated competition for durability reasons. More of a daily driving amp, IMHO.
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