Hi guys!

I've got a really weird problem that I was wondering if any of you guys have an idea of what could be the problem.

I've got a 4-channel MB quart amp getting a signal from a line out converter tapped into my rear speakers. I also have an MTX amp powering my subwoofer.

The strange thing is, the MB quart amp powers my speakers and all four channels sound fantastic. However, once I plug in the RCA cables going from the output of the MB Quart to the MTX amp's input (for the subwoofer signal), the MB Quart goes into protect mode when I key on my car.

The thing that is even stranger is if I unplug the RCA cables while the car is on, and then replug them in, the subwoofer kicks in and everything sounds great; works just fine.

I'd like to note that the MTX amp and subwoofer were working fine before I installed the MB quart and new speakers (they were tapped into the LOC before).

Thanks in advance for the help!

Edit: Oh, and when it goes into protect mode, it's still sending a signal to the MTX amp. So the sub will be working and pounding while the MB Quart is in protect mode and my speakers are not working.

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I figured it out! Thanks anyway.

I had a remote wire bridged between the two. I removed that and I just wired the LOC remote wire to the MBQ amp and a source remote wire to the MTX amp and that fixed it.
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