I just attended the Mera KnowledgeFest and saw some old friends including:

Wayne Harris (termpro)
Celise Harris (termpro)
Mike Bartells (Extreme Mike)
Mo and Paul from I.A.S.C.A.
Tony Denke (Canada)

It was good seeing and talking to them.

Looks like competiton circuit is in good hands.
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HE LIVES!!! This is the first post I've seen from you in a while Sam. Good to see that your still checking the forum out and supporting the industry that you enjoy so much. Guys like you are the reason that we still have all kinds of cool toys to play with. Good to see you making a post here!
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It was good catching up with you Sam. Hopefully Tony and them know how good a guy they have working with them.

Looking forward to go-carts again next year!
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