Hi, im planning to do a Mitsubishi Eclipse that plays about 155-160db.
Would i build a wall? or should i got with a box in the trunk?

Should i run 2x15" or 4x12" ?

I already got a Hertz 15000 rms amp, and im planning to use this.

Im either gonna run Hertz MG12 or MG15s.

If i get the information i need, i will have a nice project thread going on this forum Lots of pic..
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no help on this one? :/
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I don't know too much about hertz but with a 15k amp you might need more subs. Not too many 15" would handle 7.5k. The 12" might work better that's only 3,750 watts a sub. I hope you know how recone subs because you might be doing it a lot.
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with just hertz gear you will need a wall in my opinion.

Build a good wall, ask tons of questions to others who have built walls in cars before. There was another guy on here using 4 DD 12s in an eclipse wall..I think Stewie was his name. He ran CS amps Im fairly sure. He can give you some pointers Id imagine. Subs stacked on pass side with large port on drivers side.

To feed that amp you need plenty of batts. XS power is my recommendation. And atleast one HO alt. 155 is VERY loud and takes years for the average competitor to gain the knowledge to break 155 while building it with their own two hands. So dont be discouraged if you dont get to it right away.

160 is a massive goal...especially with 2 15s, one amp and a car that isnt that SPL friendly (windshield is on a large angle). You would need a hell of a build in that car to break a 160 with that gear in my opinion.
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Ty for positive feedback
I have started on a wall, and i am able get 4x15" in the car if i wish too. The front allows me!
How big box, and how big port would i build? How long?
It looks like i am gonna be able to get 600 liters / 160 gallons box, is this to small?

I am going to use 6-7 Odyssey 1700T as i already got some of these. Also, i am installing a 200-250a alternator
Pictures will start coming really soon, hope to get lots of replys on this thread... i kinda need all the help and support i can get!
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i didnt see any specs on their site about box size but 21 cubes before displacement of subs, port and bracing u still should be able to have 4 cubes per and with the exception of a few subs that should be enough,
if u went with the 4 15's u would have to go with the dual 1.4s and 2 channel in stereo, i dont know if that amp can handle below 1 ohm on 12v, looks to be stout but you start testing the limits of any amp getting down below 1 ohm on lower voltage. You may be able to get close with a center ported setup but if your really focusing on the number then go with the spl style box (U.S. its subs pass and driver side port) and build your port as large as possible, but leave it so you can put a insert in there to lower tuning, for more of a daily sounding box, and pull out for a higher tuning run in bass race or burp
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TY for fast reply
21 cubes, what is that? I live in Norway and i normally talk about box size in liters

Also, in the type of competition i am gonna be in they put the termlab sensor in drivers head position . Not in the front with the window.

I will be able to get a pretty big port if put it in the middle... If i put it on the side it will get smaller...
What would you do?

The MP15 is suppost to be able to do a 0.75 ohm, as another guy i know about is using it with the same setup i mentioned. 4x 15" Hertz Monster
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If you could get a hold of Mike Singer he would be the guy to talk to. I'd consider him an Eclipse expert. I think his best scores in his were in the 156db range with 2 18's in a no wall setup.
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