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Or what do you think of two 6" areo ports per 15 with the ports up front firing through the blow thru and the subs lined up down the middle. I would split the box into two major chambers housing 3 15's then within each individual half try for a push pull configuration of sorts with two drivers inverted and one facing out. I don't know if it would help to limit odd order harmonics that way or not but it would look kinda cool
I would rather have one big slot than 12 seperate 6" aero's...seems like a waste. (Plus ive tried it and it FLOPS...shhhhhhhh....)
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I think I can pull off about 16.25 net and tune it to about 35hz with 200 in^2 per half of the enclosure (3 subs) and to heck with it go big or go home I going to run 18's I can fit them standing straight up so its good to go. I think this should get the job done with 6 mmats m2000.1's. Its going to take me a year to pull all this crap off though
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