Does anyone out there have the T/S parameters-specs for a Memphis 15-M3 Mojo dual 2 ohm 12" sub? I'll be receiving a new condition/never powered woofer, in trade for install work on a 70's Opel. All I can find is enclosure recommendation sheets online. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Here's the model I'm after:
(Sorry if I'm not supposed to use a business' link...)
Thanks for helping!
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Memphis can give you the specs...
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I went that route right before you responded. I only hesitated because I read a statement on their page about dealer support contact. Long story short.. Tech support e-mailed the specs, and I'll have my Spectra bumping again in no time. Thanks n8. And the Opel install is going to be fun!
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Nominal ohms 2 x 2
Dc resistance 1.725 x 2
Resonant frequency 37.877
Qms 4.6
Qes .471
Qts .427
Xmax (linear) .55"
Xmax (mechanical) .9"
Sensitivity 2.83 volts 93.91db
Effective cone area .08 sq. meters
Vas 2.31ft
Mms 242.0984 grams
Cms 72.9295 mm/n
Bl 20.5356 tm
Had this on my laptop but have Internet on my iPhone so I had to type this. I have the same sub dual 2 15". It's a good sub . Very efficent loud on little power. I ran 120 watts to it off of a autotek 130mxi in my crx in a 4.5 cube box in my garage. My wife said I was rattling the dishes in the kitchen cabinets and I have a detached garage.
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