GOALS i want to acheive:
move one battery to front WITHOUT sacrificing readily available amps.

right now this is my system:
DC power engineering 270 amp alternator
(2) crunch gp3000d-pros strapped together @ 2ohm
(1) stock car battery under the hood 0 gauge line going to C&D in the trunk
(2) C&D technology high rate series batteries located in trunk.

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as you can see, there are two batteries in the back and two 0 gauge wires connect to the positive battery terminal then goes to each amplifier.

my question is if i move one of the batteries to the front of my vehicle, and the battery in the back bears the load of both amplifiers on the positive terminal, that means i will not have as much amps as if both amplifiers were connected to a battery each?

OR assuming i moved one of the C&D batteries to the front will the distance the power has to travel (from the front of the vehicle to the back) be enough to still maintain and support my system under such heavy loads of 6000 watts for daily use and during competitions even higher than 6000 for burps?

basically, what is the best way to get the most power out of my batteries?
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The only factor that will be affecting the performance of the amplifier between the current setup and with the battery up front is the voltage drop. There always is some voltage drop, if you can minimize voltage drop by using lots of wire runs there will not be much difference but I bet the meter will notice it.
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thank you for your response, im going to measure the voltage of the batteries at the terminals while producing a load of 6000w at a certain test tone and see what i come up with and i will report back, i will then do this testing again when i have successfully moved one of the batteries to the front to see what the drop took place, and i will very much consider another run of 0 gauge.

others are welcome to comment if any suggestions please!
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make ground wire runs as well. Ground back batt in the back. ground front battery in the front. run some 1/0 wire from neg.post on each battery to eachother.
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